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Hainan Info

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Best time to go weather wise: Generally speaking, the peak season refers to May, September and October; the shoulder Season refers to March, April, June, July and August; the Low Season refers to January, February, November and December.
Best time to go price wise: Prices drop a bit in the shoulder season, which runs from late March through April and from June through August. The off-season arrives in late November, and continues through the winter when crowds are few and prices unbelievably low.
Best time to go girl wise: Most of the girls are getting ready to go home for the Chinese New Year. If you are thinking about making a trip here, you will want to wait if possible until late March or early April. The girls should be back by then.

On arrival, each traveler must complete a form declaring foreign currency and valuables such as cameras, antiques and jewelry. The declaration must be handed in on departure; if required, the listed objects must be shown to verify that they haven't been sold within China.

Tourists can freely import two bottles of alcoholic beverages and 600 cigarettes, as well as foreign currency and valuables for personal use without restrictions. The import of weapons, ammunition, drugs, and pornographic literature (broadly interpreted) is prohibited.

On departure, antiques such as porcelain, paintings, calligraphy, carvings, and old books must carry the red lacquer seal of an official antique shop. Otherwise, they can be confiscated by the customs officials without compensation.

Entering the country: If you are entering the country from Hong Kong and you are a U.S. passport holder, a visa is not required if your stay is less than 90 days as a tourist. For other passport holders, please inquire with your nearest PRC embassie or consulate.
Valid visas are required, and those who arrive in China without a visa may be fined at the port of entry and may not be allowed to enter China. The Chinese government does not permit foreigners to visit some areas of China. Reconfirmation of departure reservations is essential. Travelers have been stranded when outgoing flights are overbooked and reservations have not been reconfirmed. For information about entry requirements and restricted areas, travelers may consult the Embassy of the People's Republic of China. For more information regarding visas, contact the Visa Section of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China at (202) 328-2517 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Exiting the country: On departure, travelers must fill in Exit Registration Cards and have their passports and visas checked. Articles registered on the Customs Luggage Declaration Form should all be brought out of China. If any item is missing, a certificate by the relevant department is required (for instance, a certificate from the police is required if something has been stolen); otherwise, the traveler must pay import duty according to the Customs regulations.

Airport Tax in China: Departure tax when exiting China is 90 Yuan (about $11). The fee must be paid in cash on the spot. Domestic airport tax is 50 Yuan (about $6) per flight and is usually included in your trip package unless specified.

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