No more hospital Parking charges

Some newspaper articles of interest (to me anyway)
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No more hospital Parking charges

Post by Retiree » Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:25 am

I dont mind paying for parking at a Hospital if the money goes to the Hsopital but it is wrong that private companies make money from the sick.

Ministers should raid the overseas aid budget to end the ‘stealth tax’ of hospital car parking charges, a senior MP demanded yesterday.
MPs lined up in the Commons to criticise the scandal of vulnerable patients being forced to pay up to £4 an hour to visit their local hospital.
Rob Halfon, an ex-minister and chairman of an influential select committee, revealed that families with cancer-stricken children are being forced to pay £37 a week on average, with some spending £10 a day. ... ry-MP.html

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