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Whats this place, and me about?.

Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:11 pm
by Gullible
This place is for Pensioners who want to get out, and Disabled who want to get out and LIVE!
There are 22 discussion/information forums here ranking from Pensioners retirement, sex in old age and where to get it, Hobbies, travel by Air, Long Haul travel, EU travel, sex destinations for pensioners and disabled and many more. THIS FORUM IS FREE. Simply register to read and post. NO details of anyone registering are ever kept.

So, Me?
I'm Gullible. I'm in my late 60's, a pensioner and partly disabled, I am NOT Politically correct and say things as I see them. I do not apologise to the youth and millenials for the way I think and speak and things I do.
I've been about!. I've been in some top rock bands, (for the rock nerds I shared a flat with Bon Scott for over 6 months )been on telly, in my youth slept rough for over 6 months, and been an alcoholic. had a fair amount of money and blown it. Been married and divorced and now married to a Thai lady for many many years. Not done drugs other than some weed, just never appealed to me.
I drive a bloody fast car and love it, I also love being out in our tiny caravan with my wife, listening to 60's music and Spike Milligan and Monty Python. Women? thousands of them, wonderful creatures they are too, I learned early on not to try and understand them, just love them, and Oh boy I did!. Ive traveled widely, in the UK, Europe and the Far East including Oz. Ive panned for gold in in Oz, Thailand, Papua France and Germany. Ive slept in places you wouldn't let a dog sleep and then again I've slept in places fit for a king.
In general you could say Ive been there and done that. But I'm not alone, there are many like me, but let them get their own website!.

The Forum has been created to bring together and then allow discussion of Retirement and Disability separately in a broad sense, Retirement abroad and discussion of various places their benefits and pitfalls, Visas etc, and also a place for Disabled Travel and the little talked about subject of sex for the Disabled.

Its also here for me to moan generally about the world and also to post info about the places I've been and things Ive seen and also for posting info for travelers, older travelers as well as traveling and stuff for people with disabilities.
I am in my late 60's
I am NOT politically correct, I say things as I see them. If you don't like that then bugger off I just don't have time to cry, I'll be dead soon.
You need to register to see all the forums. Registration and the entire site is free NO MONEY !! it will always remain free too !! So Join Us.